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“a list. . .”


Published Work

“Don’t Jump”

The McNeese Review

Spring Print Edition 

“On a Sunday Deep into Autumn”

The McNeese Review

Spring Print Edition


Artful Dodge

Issue 55

“Happy Anniversary, Darling”


the online companion to the McNeese Review 

Winter 2019



February Issue

"In the ER at 1am" 

Sugar House Review 

Issue 18 

“This is all a beautiful lie”

Rust + Moth

Spring 2019



Sugar House Review 

Issue 18

"bright moon"


"where there are walls"

This Is How It Ends

The Departed

α UMi

6 am

“bringing the Ocean”

Barking Mad 


Fourth Planet from the Sun

Steady Blues

Without Fences

“Residual Value”  

The Magnolia Review

Volume 4 Issue 1 

August 2018

“ roundabout ahead. . .”

Modern Haiku

Volume 48.3

Autumn 2017



Volume 41:1

Winter 2018

“tonight’s lesson”

Autumn Deepens:

The Cherita 


Now I Listen

The Cherita

“first tea party”


Volume 41:3

Fall 2018

“Darth Vader”

Bottle Rockets

Issue # 38

“spring light”


issue #123

“you reach in deep”


Issue 2

Summer 2018

“spring light”

Four Hundred and Two Snails

Haiku Society of America

Anthology 2018

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